Policy sticky post

This is the policy for my -little cant- of content

- Do not upload at any pay site! those sites are bad for you.
- You can use, edit, make bad plastic surgeries to my sims.
- Use recolours as you want, but credit would be lovely!
- You can re-upload any sim, as long I get some credit.

That's all, happy simming :)
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Adam, the test family.

Hello there! it's been awhile since I post tons of pictures like this time, are 376, because I don't like to delete them before I start over with a hood.
 The bored story of this is that there was Aoasjdasodajsd (After named as Elizabeth) was a sim that was meant for test objects that I needed or not, I was cleaning my DL folder and it was necessary. I always end up playing with those test sims, but this case was special because I let them grow old, and have grandchildren, it was cute, and I tried to put changes in their clothes to let someone else see the time passing :). She met Joel Adam because of a friend of her, they went to Lulu club and they felt for each other, they've been going steady until she asked him to move in with her into her tiny house. They couldn't afford a wedding, so they had to wait a little bit, until they got some money and they could buy the things for the wedding they thought they deserved.
 Well, the rest you can see it yourself, they had the first child, Jane, then Thomas and the last and the "baby boy" of the family, Frank.
Jane got married with her first love, Stan (or something like that), Frank got married with *can't remember his name* a lovely guy from the island, actually they met him long time before Frank was born. And Thomas got married with the bohemian Sunshine Muse (I will upload some pictures of them, because they were even cutter). All of them got one child, Frank and *theguy* adopted a little girl, and everyone had a white bar when I closed the game and I said I was going to start with my beloved regency hood. Maybe I will make a version of this family in that era :3
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